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China Luxury Advisors (CLA) is a global consultancy that advises and works collaboratively with luxury brands, tourism boards, vacation destinations and upmarket retailers on their China consumer strategy. Our consulting practice serves a broad mix of private, public and social institutions, each with a distinct tactical design. CLA partners closely with our clients to develop a market entry method that suits their business needs, a social media presence that makes sense to their brand, and acquisition and retention strategies to fit their singular and unique business lifecycle. Our distinctively tailored approach creates field specific programming to help our clients capture and maximize their ROI potential with this influential and growing audience; the Chinese patron. Our boutique style defines us and lets your business transcend.
Selected Clients
“China Luxury Advisors has been instrumental in keeping us on the forefront of an ever changing China Market. From helping us establish our consumer strategy, to on the ground support, to managing our digital channels, CLA has built us a market leading Chinese customer strategy that has grown year over year.”Amy Drouillard | Director, Center Marketing | Taubman



We have excelled in designing China-Ready trainings for tourism, destinations and retailers around the world, ranging from a basic introduction of Chinese tourism to a more advanced understanding of servicing Chinese travelers. Our exhaustive and continuing market research shines a clear light on navigating mobile payment options, launching crucial digital outreach, capturing the rise of FIT tourists and tapping straight into the Chinese millennial tourism market.


We are ready to assist your company in the preparation needed to penetrate the Chinese market. Starting with the assessment of the market opportunity, to targeting your specific branding and naming needs, to finding and vetting the appropriate distributors and vendors, to creating a comprehensive financial model specifically for you and your company’s precise requirements, CLA can walk you through it all.


We regularly work with luxury retailers to provide targeted training for store staff to better understand and cater to the Chinese consumer. Developing a strategic and focused plan to attract, convert and retain this valuable market is the first step.


We provide comprehensive travel trade services in the China market. This can range from tour operator research and outreach to travel media planning and public relations, all targeted specifically to luxury travel media.


At CLA, we work closely with brands to develop successful and proven Chinese digital strategies with maximum ROI. We then oversee the rollout and monitor the execution all the way to the finish line. An invaluable part of the CLA experience is our ease in developing exclusive digital assets for clients, including Chinese websites, WeChat MiniPrograms, WeChat Games and HTML5 pages/activations.


We are an authorized WeChat/Tencent partner agency. We collaborate with clients to create and place advertisements on the WeChat/Tencent network, including new geo-targeting products in the United States. CLA has a team of front-end designers and back-end developers that create custom WeChat content including menu functions, HTML5 games, offline activations and WeChat front-end design and article creation. We also offer Guidance on how brands can reach outbound Chinese travelers while they’re using WeChat abroad. From conception to completion, CLA handles it all.


We leverage our deep network of Chinese influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in China and worldwide, to help brands reach, engage and retain their desired target demographics.


We collaborate with brands to create custom consumer engagement opportunities that drive traffic, demystify high-end consumer insights and build consumer understanding of a brand’s heritage and history in their home country.


We regularly work with luxury brands to develop comprehensive strategies to attract, convert and build loyalty with Chinese consumers as they travel around the world.


We strategize with clients to contextualize the Chinese consumer opportunity, including but not limited to facilitating internal company workshops and hosting target-specific training and strategy sessions to align the company thinking on the unique nature of the Chinese consumer market.

In addition to the above services, China Luxury Advisors partners with its extensive network of practitioners to offer a wide range of advisory services for luxury brands seeking assistance with this unique and often challenging market.

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