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MoMA Attracts Chinese Consumers with WeChat Advent Calendar

December 18, 2018/0/0/

Original Article: https://jingtravel.com/moma-wechat-advent-calendar/ — By Ruonan Zheng—December 17, 2018 Many U.S. museums have yet to establish a WeChat presence, and even those that have them aren’t using the platform to create interactive holiday campaigns aimed at selling tickets or souvenirs to Chinese visitors. One museum, however, has stepped up their game recently with an innovative way to appeal to […]

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What Do Chinese Tourists Care About in New York?

November 10, 2015/0/0/

As CLA found in recent discussions with Chinese tourist-shoppers in Paris, the demands of outbound Chinese travelers are rapidly changing, making it difficult for retailers and brands to anticipate who’ll show up, what they’ll want, and how staff should approach them. In the case of Paris, a steadily growing number of independent travelers are looking […]

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Chinese Designers Take the Wheel in New York, Los Angeles

May 11, 2015/0/0/

Making over 70 percent of luxury purchases outside of mainland China, Chinese consumers now support a vast network of brands and industries worldwide, boosting luxury and fashion brands as well as retailers, hotels and tourism providers. Now, a growing number of tourism industry professionals see what many global fashion and luxury watchers have long known: […]

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What’s Behind China’s Luxury Hotel Buying Spree?

February 11, 2015/0/0/

For years, the stereotype of the traveling mainland Chinese consumer has been a group-tour attendee who spends next to nothing on two-to-three-star accommodations, eats at low-end Chinese buffets…and drops thousands at luxury boutiques around the world. Stories abound of frustrated luxury hotels in Manhattan watching as big-spending VIPs clear shelves on Fifth Avenue then promptly […]

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