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“Chicken Little” Shrugs, Goes Shopping

September 2, 2015/0/0/

Recent data shows that in July — even as Xi Jinping was reportedly ordering China’s stock market regulators to propel its indexes upward ahead of an international diplomatic mission, and hedge fund managers were swooning in the wake of rumored economic weakness — Chinese travelers nonetheless intensified their gleeful assault on popular tourism destinations around the world. […]

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What Does China’s Market Correction Mean For Luxury?

July 20, 2015/0/0/

While all eyes have been on the ongoing crisis in Greece, a possible “Grexit” and a questionable deal with European creditors, another worrying crisis has been unfolding in a far larger market —  and one that has been critical to the luxury industry’s spectacular growth over the past decade — China. In mid-June, the Shanghai […]

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Luxury’s Renminbi Roulette: Why Currency Adjustments Are Risky Business

March 30, 2015/0/0/

CHANEL’s recent decision to increase prices in Europe by 20 percent and lower them in China raised eyebrows throughout the global luxury industry. Ostensibly this move was designed to “align” prices in anticipation of an international e-commerce push. Coming in the wake of the Euro’s sharp devaluation since mid-2014, which accelerated significantly in the month […]

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