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Active Leisure Blows Up

February 19, 2019/0/0/

Re: Active Leisure Blows Up The Story: As Chinese visitors embrace travel independence, they’re also becoming increasingly drawn to more adventurous and exciting vacation activities. What to Know: Chinese International Travel Monitor research from Hotels.com tells us in their 2018 Ipsos study that of the 3,000 18- to 58-year-old Chinese tourists, who traveled overseas in the past […]


The Rise of the Independents

February 19, 2019/0/0/

  Re: The Rise of the Independents The Story: The world has been taken by surprise by the speed at which Chinese tourists have evolved from passive tour bus passengers to unfettered independent travelers. What to Know: Today, the great accelerator and boldness builder is mobile technology. It’s empowering travelers from solo women to Chinese families. The […]


Chinese Tourists Can Now Enjoy SFMOMA More with WeChat

January 31, 2019/0/0/

Original Article: https://jingtravel.com/sfmoma-chinese-wechat/ — By Ruonan Zheng—January 28, 2019 The timing of this launch is strategic, said Lesley Makishima, the manager of tourism and sales at the museum. Photo: SFMOMa/WeChat   The experience of visiting overseas museums is often frustrating for Chinese travelers — they’re either lost in a sea of foreign signage or are forced to rent expensive […]

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Free Report Download: Museum White Paper

January 15, 2019/0/0/

Scroll to the end of article for free report download! CLA is delighted to share its newest insight report, “Engage, Inspire, and Delight Global Chinese Museum Visitors with WeChat.” CLA audited 24 popular and prestigious overseas museums. Our white paper illustrates how museums outside of China are using WeChat to connect with Chinese tourists and […]

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MoMA Attracts Chinese Consumers with WeChat Advent Calendar

December 18, 2018/0/0/

Original Article: https://jingtravel.com/moma-wechat-advent-calendar/ — By Ruonan Zheng—December 17, 2018 Many U.S. museums have yet to establish a WeChat presence, and even those that have them aren’t using the platform to create interactive holiday campaigns aimed at selling tickets or souvenirs to Chinese visitors. One museum, however, has stepped up their game recently with an innovative way to appeal to […]

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