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Active Leisure Blows Up

February 19, 2019/0/0/

Re: Active Leisure Blows Up The Story: As Chinese visitors embrace travel independence, they’re also becoming increasingly drawn to more adventurous and exciting vacation activities. What to Know: Chinese International Travel Monitor research from tells us in their 2018 Ipsos study that of the 3,000 18- to 58-year-old Chinese tourists, who traveled overseas in the past […]


The Rise of the Independents

February 19, 2019/0/0/

  Re: The Rise of the Independents The Story: The world has been taken by surprise by the speed at which Chinese tourists have evolved from passive tour bus passengers to unfettered independent travelers. What to Know: Today, the great accelerator and boldness builder is mobile technology. It’s empowering travelers from solo women to Chinese families. The […]


Luxury Report Shows Chinese Traveling More, Buying Less—Except for Beauty Products

October 5, 2018/0/0/

Original Article: — By Matthew Lubin—October 4, 2018 Chinese travelers are spending less per trip, but they’re shopping more for luxury beauty products abroad. Photo: Shutterstock The number of Chinese traveling abroad has been increasing and they’re taking more trips more frequently. And although they account for a fifth of global tourism spending and are traveling more frequently, […]

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Luxury brands target Chinese tourists before they board plane

September 27, 2018/0/0/

For full article, please visit: — Tour guides bringing busloads of big spenders are being replaced by smart marketing! Renee Hartmann, Co-Founder at CLA comments: “It is not just larger brands, such as Rolex or Dior, that appeal to today’s Chinese tourist. More experienced travelers tend to be younger, more independent in their shopping choices […]

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5 Charts Showing the Rise of Independent Chinese Travelers

August 31, 2018/0/0/

Original Article: — Dan Peltier, Skift – Aug 25, 2017 1:00 am “We’re still many years away from seeing a tipping point when more Chinese travel independently than with tour groups. But this data should be a wake-up call to destinations and travel brands that a shift is already happening in some places and for […]

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